Omaha and Blair, NE

Jake's Sports Bar & Grill  - Restaurant | Blair, NE

Best food in town, just ask around!

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New Site!!!

By jakessport99283123, Dec 2 2015 07:01AM

Our new website is up (obviously), blog and everything! This is new to us so help us out with feedback and any issues with the website...its mobile friendly too! #welcometothetechnologyage

Feb 24 2016 04:45PM by Brandon Miller

The only bad thing about this place is that I cant eat it for all three meals. It's an amazing place to hang out and watch kick back with a camo colored busch light and watch NASCAR.

Feb 10 2017 05:06PM by Nancy

I love the food, as long as you sit down to eat instead of to go. Everything about this place is great, especially your delicious wings. Service almost always sucks though.

Oct 13 2017 03:43PM by Betty

Service is terrible. Would not return.

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